About me

Hi I'm Sarah and I live in Sevenoaks with my husband and three children.

I did hypnobirthing with all three of my children and had positive birth experiences because of that. Oliver, my first child was born via an emergency caesarean and then Hayden and Keira were born vaginally.  I was so scared of birth when I was pregnant with Oliver, that my sister in law recommended the wise hippo hypnobirthing programme, and I never looked back. I had all the tools and techniques I needed to birth Oliver calm and confidently. 

Roll forward 4 years from Oliver's birth and during the pandemic I gave birth to Keira. It was the most magical, euphoric, incredible experience I have ever had, and following her birth, I wanted to give birth all over again. 

Since Keira's birth, I knew I wanted to teach other mums and dad's to be how to feel relaxed, informed and empowered about their births, so I started training, and studied to become an antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher. 

I have taught over 100 expecting parents, and continue to help up till their birth and beyond. I have supported ladies during their labour and birth, being there with them, so that they feel in control, informed and calm, and know that they have had the right birth on the day, and I can do this for you too. 

I loved provided postpartum support to my lovely mums, that I trained in baby massage and baby yoga. I  have since taught many mums and their little ones, and we have such a great time in my classes. You can see what some mums have said in my 5* reviews about my classes.

I feel so lucky to be part of so many families pregnancies, birth and early years.  I would love to be part of yours too. 

Sarah xx

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This is my family

This is my family, and creating families means everything to me. I just love teaching expectant families about how to have a positive birth, whether it be your first pregnancy, or if you are feeling anxious about this baby's birth due to a negative experience with a previous baby's birth.

I can teach you some life changing set of skills, tools and techniques that can be used during labour and birth, and beyond. It involves using a mixture of visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques, as well as important antenatal education.

If you chose one of my baby massage and/or baby yoga continues this relaxation for you and your baby when they are here, helping release oxytocin to make baby feel good, assist digestion, helps to meet early milestones and your babies' general wellbeing.

My pregnancy courses in Sevenoaks are taught in either 2 or 4 classes. You can learn hypnobirthing in a one to one course with you and your birth partner, or in a group with other expectant mums to be and dads to be.
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