What happens in a hypnobirthing class? 

Our hypnobirthing course is provided across 4  or 2 classes in Sevenoaks or in the comfort of your own home, where each week we discuss what will happen in labour, what we can expect during your birth, how your birth partner can support you, how to prepare for birth, and writing your birth plan / preferences - including where to give birth.

We will also look at how to reduce any anxiety, worries or feeling scared, through listening to a relaxation track (a script) in each class, so you can get comfortable, and enjoy some time relaxing. More detail on each class provided in the full hypnobirthing course is provided below. In the condensed course (2 sessions), we cover class 1 and 2 in the first session and class 3 and 4 in the second session. 

Class One

Class One is about: 

- The picture of childbirth today
- Defining hypnosis
- Acknowledging pain
- The physiology of birth and the impact of fear
- Understanding your mind and its connection with your body
- The impact of others
- Cloak of Protection ( relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Taking charge of your thoughts

Class Two

Class Two is about:

- Relaxation - the antidote to fear
- Positions for relaxation 
- Distractions 
- Breathing techniques 
- Bond and Breathe (relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Self hypnosis
- Eyes open hypnosis 
- Time distortion 
- Anchoring 
- Advice on how to use a relaxation script read by your birth partner

Class Three

Class Three is about: 

- Prenatal bonding
- Your baby's ideal position for birth 
- Physical preparation for birth
- Birth Planning 
- Medical interventions discussed
- Fear release
- Cove of confidence ( relaxation script - hypnosis session)

Class Four

Class Four is about:

- Soothing strokes 
- Positions for birth 
- The amazing pelvis 
- Birthing your baby
- Birth partner's role
- Using the techniques for labour and birth
- When baby arrives
- Sea of Serenity (relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Preparation diary

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