What each class covers

Our course is provided across 4 classes, where each week we look at our bodies, our babies, our brains, and the role of our birth partner(s). We do a hypnobirthing script in each class, so you can get comfortable, and enjoy some time relaxing.  More detail on each class is provided below.

Class One

Class One is about: 

- The picture of childbirth today
- Defining hypnosis
- Acknowledging pain
- The physiology of birth and the impact of fear
- Understanding your mind and its connection with your body
- The impact of others
- Cloak of Protection ( relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Taking charge of your thoughts

Class Two

Class Two is about:

- Relaxation - the antidote to fear
- Positions for relaxation 
- Distractions 
- Breathing techniques 
- Bond and Breathe (relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Self hypnosis
- Eyes open hypnosis 
- Time distortion 
- Anchoring 
- Advice on how to use a relaxation script read by your birth partner

Class Three

Class Three is about: 

- Prenatal bonding
- Your baby's ideal position for birth 
- Physical preparation for birth
- Birth Planning 
- Medical interventions discussed
- Fear release
- Cove of confidence ( relaxation script - hypnosis session)

Class Four

Class Four is about:

- Soothing strokes 
- Positions for birth 
- The amazing pelvis 
- Birthing your baby
- Birth partner's role
- Using the techniques for labour and birth
- When baby arrives
- Sea of Serenity (relaxation script - hypnosis session)
- Preparation diary

The Wise Hippo Kent And Surrey,Pregnancy Care Center,Sevenoaks,