Our courses are for all different types of birth

Our classes cover tools and techniques that can be used whatever birth you decide to have.  It is normally recommended to start hypnobirthing from 20 weeks. However, it is never too late to get started and practicing all the techniques so you feel informed and ready for your birth. 


My course discusses what you can expect when giving birth in hospital, whether that is Pembury (Tunbridge Wells), Princess Royal (PRUH), Darenth Valley or another. 

Birthing Centre

Hypnobirthing can be used in a birthing centre and our course provides information for this type of birth.

Caesarean birth

You might be having a caesarean (elective or emergency). Our classes can be used to help you.

Home Birth

You might want a home birth with an independent midwife or doula. Our course sets out what to consider when having this type of birth.


If you are induced, then our antenatal course can help you to have the tools and techniques you need to be prepared.

Water birth

Our antenatal and hypnobirthing course can be used to help with water births. We cover what hospitals / birth centres have access to birth pools. 

First time mum 

Our course can be used when it is  your first pregnancy, and you have never done hypnobirthing before. 

Previous births

Our hypnobirthing course can be used if you have had previous pregnancies and births. You may or may not have done hypnobirthing before. 

Is hypnobirthing for me ?

Still not sure hypnobirthing is for you. Watch this video to find out who can use hypnobirthing.

When should I start hypnobirthing??

Our antenatal and hypnobirthing courses can start anytime after your 10-14 week scan. However, it is normally recommended that the best time is between 20-34 weeks. Although, please contact us as we have some classes that you can do until 38 weeks pregnant.

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